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Client: Alcatel-Lucent

  • Radio network planning
  • Site acquisition, support and preparation
  • Renegotiation of existing site contracts
  • Coordination of acquisitions
  • Overall data maintenance in Daylight
  • Local government coordination for the roll-out
  • Construction management
  • Site visits for technical purposes
  • Coordination and execution of acceptances
  • Maintenance of a variety of tools
  • Support for construction sites allocated to FMA
  • Coordination of various construction trades

Client: Arcor

  • Network planning and optimisation
  • Site assessment
  • Project monitoring / construction management

Client: dtms

  • Management consultancy
  • Project development
  • Special projects

Client: EADS/Cassidian

  • Coordination of various construction trades
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coordination of deliveries from and to the construction site while complying with confidentiality rules
  • Organisation / management of sub-contractors during the installation and integration of system components and accessories
  • Acceptance / Documentation Working Group
  • Manager of Acceptance and Documentation Working Group for 21 switching stations
  • Ensuring and supporting coordination between the client, the system supplier and the operator

Client: E-Plus

  • Site acquisition
  • Site assessment
  • GSM / point-to-point radio site planning
  • Radio network / point-to-point radio / LOS planning
  • Management accounting for a project
  • Construction management monitoring
  • Site acceptance and auditing
  • Measurement vehicle use
  • Special projects
  • System technology coordination for SWAP

Client: Ericsson

  • Service technology
  • DSL interference suppression broad and narrow band (ADSL/VDSL NGN) in the main distribution frame.
  • Interference suppression of phone connection in the main distribution frame (ISDN, standard)
  • SHDSL (synchronous DSL) interference suppression in the main distribution frame and in the client's premises (business client)
  • Transmission technology interference suppression (E1,STM-1 to STM-64) working round the clock, Huawei, Siemens and Alcatel Lucent technology
  • Switching, dismantling and interference suppression of transmission routes (E1,STM-1 to STM-64)
  • Interference suppression, replacement and installation of local IP technology (routers, switches)
  • Interference suppression and power supply equipment in the main distribution frame
  • Interference suppression management and testing system in the main distribution frame
  • Clothing and access control for external companies (air conditioning, power supply)
  • Ordering replacement equipment and despatch of equipment after replacement

Client: ISE Fraunhofer Institut

  • Research and development projects
  • Project development
  • Project consultancy

Client: ish

  • Project management - construction monitoring at various sites
  • Acceptances
  • Test and non-conformance reports

Client: Max Bögl

Frankfurt Waldstadion, now the Commerzbank Arena

  • Planning services
  • Project management
  • Construction management

Client: Nortel Networks

  • Project management
  • Management accounting for a project
  • Support
  • GSM-R project development
  • Optimisation of processes for logistics
  • "ish" project management
  • Creation and execution of DOA
  • management (spare parts logistics everywhere in Germany)

Client: O2 (Germany)

  • Site acquisition
  • Site assessment
  • Radio network / point-to-point radio - LOS planning
  • Measurement vehicle use

Client: T-D1

  • Site acquisition
  • Site assessment and planning

Client: Telefónica o2

  • Site acquisition
  • Site assessment
  • Radio network planning
  • Parameter planning
  • Parameter planning and optimisation
  • The planning of special projects such as in-house coverage, tunnel coverage and railway coverage

Client: tele.ring

  • Radio network planning
  • Landline planning
  • Point-to-point radio planning / LOS tests
  • Construction management and monitoring
  • Site assessment, planning and acceptance

Client: Viag interkom

  • Start-up support
  • Management accounting for a project
  • Project development
  • Licence application

Client: Vodafone

  • Site acquisition
  • Site assessment
  • Special projects
  • BayMess
  • Point-to-point radio
  • Engineering of point-to-point radio routes, PDH and their reproduction in the
  • FNDDT data-base
  • Virtual optical fibre distribution
  • IT planning to guarantee operation and maintenance / supervision
  • Point-to-point radio coordination