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Tailor-Made Projects

Special Projects

FMA Consult GmbH calls all projects "special projects" if they are dissimilar or unrelated to earlier projects which have been successfully completed. In other words if there is perhaps a lack of past experience. This includes, for example, if a company wants to enter a completely new area of business in which it was never previously active. This is one of the special strengths of the project engineers of FMA Consult GmbH as they developed wide-ranging know-how over many years as well as special tools. Starting with the project definition, which helps to define the project objective, the project engineers of FMA Consult GmbH and their lengthy experience are available also for the project planning and execution stages.

FMA Consult GmbH's project engineers have an extensive knowledge of project management. The project areas of schedule management, cost management, and quality and risk management are the key areas in which our project engineers receive training and continuous professional development.

For our engineers, integration management always constitutes a special challenge in the smooth implementation of projects in line with their specifications and constraints. In the course of these tasks, the project engineers of FMA Consult GmbH always place particular emphasis on your IT and software structures in order to ensure that, wherever possible, your staff are working in an area with which they are familiar.

We will also be happy to support you to optimise ongoing projects or to bring them back to their original course. Our project engineers can run your projects in line with the standards of the German Project Management Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement) and the International Project Management Association, depending on whichever of these standards your company uses.

Measuring Vehicles

The use of measuring vehicles

  • Measuring vehicles with modern equipment
  • Experienced measuring technology teams with G41 certification
  • ESVD measuring system provided by Rhode & Schwarz inc. DGPS (Differential GPS)
  • Drive tests conducted with transmission measuring equipment
  • Recording of measurement data on data carriers for further processing by the client

Advantages for you

  • Europe-wide use
  • Coordination of the use of measuring vehicles
  • Special commissions with mobile measuring equipment for tunnel radio projects
  • Special commissions for EMC measurements
  • Use of mobile and fixed sensors for the monitoring of performance specifications

Special and Individual

Special Services

  • The planning and design or new telecommunication services
  • The development of sales and marketing concepts in the voice and data areas of mobile radio networks
  • System consultancy for special telecommunication solutions
  • The development and technical implementation of new ideas in the fields of UMTS and EMC environment
  • Support and advice from the idea through to the market launch
  • System integration for newly developed hardware including preparation for all approvals
  • Advice for the planning, development and extension of telecommunication projects
  • Conceptual design of new telecommunication projects
  • Budgeting of new telecommunication projects
  • Preparation, planning and monitoring of start up telecommunication projects