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Construction Management

and monitoring of all areas

We take over construction management and monitoring functions for the construction of mobile and digital radio sites. These include GSM, UMTS and TETRA radio systems as well as SWAP conversions.


The construction manager's responsibilities extend from the organisation of engineers' site visits to the review of drawings, the supervision of building works during the construction phase and then right through to acceptance of the construction work and the checks of the measurements taken.

After the completion of the site, the main contractor will submit comprehensive documentation which is then examined for completeness and the accuracy of its contents.

The main contractor will invoice his work after all snagging is complete. The invoice is checked by the construction manager who will then approve it for payment.


  • Participation in site visits
  • Monitoring the various construction services
  • Assessment of the various construction services
  • Project supervision (supervision of the construction work, measurements, project specifications)
  • Project supervision (erection, finishing and system technology)
  • Project support and documentation
  • Reviews related to construction legislation (Architects' and Engineers' Fee
  • Regulation, State Building Regulation, Award and Contract Regulation for Building Services, Construction Contract Procedures Regulation)
  • Commissioning the telecommunication systems
  • Site acceptance along with the completion record and certificate
  • Test and non-conformance reports