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LTE Projects

Full package services for mobile radio providers

We are also able to advise and support clients in the planning and installation of the latest mobile radio networks (LTE). FMA's portfolio contains both blanket radio coverage as well as solutions for restricted groups of clients, for example public transport operators with their special needs.

Project development


Assistance in the creation of your project structures.



Project management

The development of project management plans, control of all processes within the project, reporting, risk management, resource management and process management.



Experienced in site searches in line with radio network planning specifications through to contract conclusion, specialist assessment of the sites offered.


Radio network planning

Creation of volume structure using outline network planning, detailed radio planning and support for the planning process, frequency and code planning, parameter planning, the planning of special projects such as in-house coverage, tunnel and railway coverage.


Connection planning

Point-to-point radio planning and coordination, LOS tests, landline planning, planning of system resources (capacity planning).


Construction coordination

Support, management and assessment of the individual construction phases from the site survey through to site hand-over.


System technology coordination


Call-off and logistical coordination of the technical components of the system including data-base maintenance.



Radio network optimisation Calibration of dispersion models, test measurements before roll-out commencement, measurement of existing radio networks and their assessment through to the identification of actions needed for network quality improvement, performance analyses, initial optimisation of integrated sites and clusters.


The specialist services of FMA engineers provided both in the form of advice

on specific aspects or during an overall service package ensure a successful

outcome for our clients' projects.


As a result of their multi-faceted project experience, the staff of FMA are familiar with the very latest technological developments – something they have amply proved in both past and present projects. Innovations, particularly in the LTE area, always receive particular attention in the course of their continuing professional development. Special projects become immeasurably more important as a result of the latest technologies with their more flexible network structures such as LTE (femto cells).

With the broadly-based portfolio it offers, as well as planning LTE coverage, FMA is also able to successfully undertake special projects using this technology.

The goal-oriented coordination and resource allocation of FMA is crucial for a successful process flow which is coordinated with the various individual specialist disciplines; this means, in turn, that this focussed approach by FMA is also crucial for the overall project. Project management plays a consummate part in underpinning overall project success.