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FMA provides the full range of services

For more than 20 years FMA Consult GmbH has been providing its clients with the full range of services relating to the acquisition of mobile radio sites as well as negotiations before, during and after site acquisition. This range of services includes the search for sites, their acquisition and the fine-tuning of contracts with regard to project duration, rental optimisation and the extent of use.

Project Management

FMA will support your project from beginning to end

Our capable and experienced support is available right from the beginning of your project - this support includes not just project planning but also project supervision, scheduling and management as well as budget monitoring and a sophisticated quality management system.

Construction Management

and monitoring of all areas

We take over construction management and monitoring functions for the construction of mobile radio and digital radio sites. The construction manger's responsibilities extend from the organisation of engineers' site visits to the review of drawings, the supervision of building works during the construction phase and then right through to acceptance of the construction work and checks on the measurements taken.

Radio Network Planning

and radio network optimisation

Our services in the field of radio network planning and optimisation include engineering services, connection and transmission planning, the planning and completion of point to point radio projects and antenna technology. Benefit from our know-how and our engineers and technicians who have also received the best of training in these areas.

Special Services

Special services and projects

FMA Consult GmbH calls all projects "special projects" if they are dissimilar or unrelated to earlier projects which have been successfully completed. This is one of the special strengths of FMA Consult GmbH as the company has developed wide-ranging know-how and special tools during an extremely varied range of projects completed over many years.

HR Conultancy

Human Resource Management

The HR area is particularly sensitive. Whether you are looking for fully-qualified technical staff for special projects or need support in staff development with regard to training and continuous professional development or even special training measures, we are your partner.