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20 Years' experience

and a comprehensive range of services

FMA GmbH has been providing its clients for more than 20 years with the full range of services relating to the acquisition of mobile radio sites and subsequent negotiations. This range of services includes the search for sites and their acquisition as well as contract fine-tuning in line with project duration, rental optimisation and the extent of use.

Using this classic field of site acquisition as a starting point, in the course of its development FMA Consult GmbH has extended its portfolio and become increasingly involved in such areas as project management and property administration. Extensive project experience in the acquisition and construction coordination of police and emergency services' sites complete our portfolio.


With its highly qualified and experienced staff, FMA Consult GmbH is in an ideal position to take over the management of internal processes for its clients and to act as the interface between site owners on the one hand and the planning and construction department as well as the planning of radio and landline services on the other hand. Regional experience makes clients appear credible to owners; structured planning and management makes projects transparent to our clients wherever we are working in Germany.

Our Advantages

  1. Local presence and multi-regional networks
  2. Knowledge about the state of the market and site configuration
  3. Fundamental knowledge of the latest technology
  4. Availability and "care and involvement"
  5. Commitment and personal responsibility
  6. Team-working skills for
    1. Selection of a range of sites in defined search radii
    2. Negotiations with owners
    3. Compilation of site-specific documentation for decision-making purposes
    4. Sourcing of site plans (implementation plans etc.)
    5. Negotiation of detailed lease conditions with owners up to the final contract conclusion
    6. Preparatory work for the connection to the electricity supply utility, cable routes, conversion work
    7. Preparation and coordination of the first site visit with the owners, architects, electricity supply utilities and other persons involved
    8. Updating of FMA's own site data-base
    9. Documentation of all sites recorded
    10. Handover on project completion


Coordination of shared use for police and emergancy services

  • Alignment of contracts, letters of intent and framework agreements with private owners, mobile radio system operators, utility companies and wind farm operators while also taking account of regional rent indices and the operator's access requirements etc. etc.
  • Procurement of the as-completed drawings and review of ownership structures for the sites indicated by the planning of the search areas
  • Documentation and follow-up of rental payments. Coordination with project cost control staff regarding project follow-up and trend analysis of rental costs
  • Site visits with the site owners and potential main contractor for site planning purposes
  • Management of public authorities for example, nature conservancy, building and aviation authorities as well as the Federal Network Authority (Bundesnetzagentur) and local government bodies.
  • Schedule and access coordination with the owner during the construction phase
  • Frequency coordination in the field of radio and connection planning
  • Survey and documentation of the construction work after commencement and coordination of an as-built plan with the owner and the various project departments involved
  • Documentation of the work and the project progress for coordination with the various planning departments involved (radio network planning, connection plan and project control and management)