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Project Management

Our services in brief

  • Project monitoring and preparation of status reports
  • Scheduling and schedule management
  • Coordination of the various specialist areas
  • Budget monitoring
  • HR management for the project management team
  • Project management reporting
  • Project acceptance
  • Budgeting and budget control
  • Completion of turn-key projects in line with the client's specification
  • Project management in accordance with the client's requirements and in consultation with the client

Our own Quality Management

Our own Quality Management system makes use of the entire spectrum of the systems available and needed for the many different tasks undertaken by FMA. FMA has clear corporate structures, communication rules and organisational processes.

Use of Quality Management Systems
The various Quality Management systems are optimally and efficiently linked to each other in FMA. For example, the detailed staff requirements are selectively researched and allocated with reference to specialisations and departments within FMA. This ensures that all the information needed to select a suitable staff member is available or to recruit the right type of staff. On the one hand this means that questions which have to be put to the client are minimised and, on the other hand, that an optimal and efficient selection of staff can be rapidly made from among our existing employees.

Clear structures accompanied by modern methods of communication
The intelligent interlinking of the structures and processes of FMA by modern communication tools and software-supported workflows using data bases ensures that every enquiry or query from clients can be processed rapidly and proficiently. Trend analyses can be quickly developed with regard to the time needed for staff definition and recruitment.

Permanent review and optimisation
All tools and systems are regularly reviewed and, if necessary, improved by our project engineers and departmental managers to ensure that our QM tools are both permanently optimised to meet the client's requirements and also correspond to the "state of the art".

Project Controlling

  • Analysis of the existing qualitative and quantitative requirements relating to staff, technology and the budget.
  • Creation of a structure plan, definition of mile-stones and definition of a suitable tool and schedule for project tracking for agreement with the project management and the client.
  • Itemisation and assessment of potential risks and definition of feasible counter-measures
  • Regular tracking and documentation of project progress, analysis of slippages and any necessary adjustment of the project schedule through the monitoring of mile-stones as well as cost and trend analysis.
  • Project completion report containing a target/actual analysis in the specific areas of time to completion, cost/value etc.

Our own Quality Management