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About us

History and brief portrait

FMA Engineering- und Projektconsult has been involved for more than 20 years in radio and landline projects involving public authorities, police and emergency services, manufacturing industry as well as EMC environment projects. We offer a comprehensive range of services in all aspects of the planning and execution of mobile radio and police and emergency services projects.

Our Services

Support in the selection of sites

In the course of the Acquisition of telecommunication sites, FMA specialists will select a range of sites within defined search radii, create project plans and project-specific documentation for decision making. We will prepare and coordinate the initial site visit with owners, architects and utility companies etc., negotiate lease conditions with owners right through to the final conclusion of the contract and then hand over the site for construction.

Project Planning, Management and Monitoring

In the project phase we offer complete project monitoring including the preparation of status reports; we will also undertake scheduling and schedule management. Our specialists coordinate the various specialist areas involved in the project, plan budgets and undertake cost control as well as responsibility for HR matters. Construction planning and management are, of course, also services we offer in addition to the classic engineering services (radio network planning, landline and point to point radio planning, the preparation of structural designs ready for submission for approval as well as end-to-end project documentation).

Special Assignments

All additional services such as the use of measuring vehicles or the deployment of experienced measuring technology teams working in line with instructions given by the client also form part of what we offer.

As a result of our collaboration with almost all radio network operators in many different regions and at many different levels (acquisition, radio and landline planning, site planning, construction management, project coordination and coordination of joint users etc.) FMA has all the necessary technical experience in all sub-areas. Thanks to this experience gained over many years, FMA Consult GmbH is able to adjust extremely quickly to all that is needed for the construction of a new network and to develop optimal solutions and concepts for you.


In the field of construction planning and management, the construction services of your turn-key partners in the various locations are monitored in line with your requirements. We take part in site visits related to the construction process, monitor all that happens at the site (construction monitoring, measurements, specifications and erection) as well as provide project support and documentation. Involvement in verifications as part of legal requirements (Architects' and Engineers' Fee Regulation, State Building Regulation, Award and Contract Regulation for Building Services, Construction Contract Procedures Regulation) as well as the commissioning of the site are included in our range of services. FMA will create your test and non conformance reports and will organise the final approval process as well as the completion record and certificate. Our engineers will support you from the commencement of the project through to its successful conclusion.