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Radio Network Planning

Our services in brief

  • Requirements analysis in the field of network coverage and capacity planning (radio traffic load)
  • Site searches and search radius planning with tool supported prediction and the creation of quantity structures
  • Measuring runs and supply tests for calibration purposes and the testing of the tools, propagation models and link budgets used.
  • Preparation of tender documents for the selection of the systems engineering supplier
  • Interference analysis, frequency planning taking into account the available frequencies and, where appropriate, the HCM Agreement frequency coordination in Germany's border regions)
  • Definition of system engineering components (antenna, tilt, AVV etc.)
  • Visualisation of the planning results achieved using suitable tools as the basis for cost and profitability analyses
  • Public authority management for the grant of a site certificate from the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)
  • Preparation and review of site plans, acceptance of building work at the competed sites
  • Analysis of existing radio networks and review of the required network parameters (coverage, TRX capacity utilisation, hand-over etc.)
  • Parameter planning and optimisation
  • Documentation of the work and the project progress for coordination with the various planning departments involved (connection, acquisition and project management)
  • Creation of quantity structures using outline network planning
  • Detailed radio network planning and support for the planning process
  • Frequency and code planning
  • Parameter planning
  • The planning of special projects such as in-house coverage, tunnel coverage and railway coverage